Welcome to the lovely country called Lunaria, In a wonderfully diverse world called Setera on the brink of war. The soldiers of Solaris are on the move for what purpose? Dark murmurs of conflict are in the air. Join our cast of 42 unique heroes, 32 of which are yours to win over! As you walk through the world of Setera, You will experience captivating dialogue, strategic combat, and heartwarming romance.

       Current Features

You can play a Male or Female Protagonist!

32 Romances are planned! 

Heavy Story Telling!

Partial Voice Acting!

30 to 40k Words (2 to 3 hours of Game Place Currently!

Basic Alchemy , Fishing and Cooking System!


  Future Plans

Early Access. 

20 to 30 hours of gameplay!

Cooking/Fishing/Alchemy/Blacksmith etc.

 Full Voice Acting.

NSFW Scenes with romances options!

More Battle Backgrounds!


How often will we do patches etc? Weekly!

What is different between this version and patreon? Patrons will get a exclusive look behind the scenes and get to test builds earlier. Among other things such as voting or requesting stuff.  

How do I report bugs or Issues?  Join our discord and post about it there!

Patrons get benefits such as the following..

Gain access to an Early Access Build.

Exclusive Patron Streams and polls.

A Look behind the scenes.

Discord Exclusive Roles and many more things!

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